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Coyote Cafe Restaurant, Santa Fe, NM


Owner Quinn Stephenson has been driven by his fascination for hospitality and food from a young age becoming a full-time bartender at 21. Through his unwavering dedication to his work, he was quickly promoted to bar manager, then to general manager of Mark Miller’s Coyote Cafe in 2003. In between his restaurant responsibilities, he also studied business at UNM and managed multiple hospitality properties in Santa Fe. Between each operation, they share several awards and accolades including: Open Table’s and Time Magazine’s Top 100 Restaurant in the Country, Mobil Four Star Diamond Award, Trip Advisor’s #1 Restaurant in Santa Fe County, USA Today’s Top 10 New Restaurant in the Country, along with many more local and national accreditations.


Although Quinn manages day-to day-operations, he most notably finds his passion as a drink aficionado. As a Sommelier, he brings the best in wine selections and is well know for his innovation in mixology. He has been honored to begin a relationship with Patron Tequila, for whom he hosted a Secret Dining Society, served as head mixologist for their Afficianodo events and in 2014, he was chosen as the sole bartender in the country to develop core recipes for their new tequila line named ROCA.


After 19 years and now as the sole owner of this legendary restaurant, Quinn is excited to celebrate Coyote Cafe’s 31st anniversary.  Along with the entire staff, he feels it’s his responsibility and privilege to honor the history and culture of the brand while simultaneously bringing a modern flair to Coyote Cafe’s culinary and mixology. 

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Coyote Cafe Restaurant, Santa Fe, NM
Coyote Cafe Restaurant, Santa Fe, NM
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